Goblin Punk Features

Greetings, Damon from Shotgun Angel Games here. Today I am going to give you a look at some features of our upcoming adventure Goblin Punk for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Many premade adventures you find for your Pathfinder games are for low level groups. They are a handy way to start out a fresh game, but once you are several sessions and level into a game, they lose some or all of thier utility. Of course there are adventures for higher level groups out there, but we wanted to make Goblin Punk applicable…continue reading →

Join in and help save the world from an ancient god monster.

In the depths of Chicago, a sleeping god-monster dwells under the unsuspecting city. Bedrock forms its bed and a blanket of soil, skyscrapers  and suburbs cover it. As mankind tamed the world to their liking, it sleeps. Should it wake, they may find the world is not as tame as once thought. Half mad men and women seek to wake this sleeper to cleanse a world they see as imperfect. Their dreams warped by its own. We have several locations were we will be running the play test. Those locations are: 7th Dimension…continue reading →