The Kickstarter For Goblin Punk Is Live.

GoblinPunk will be a Pathfinder Compatible, 30 page, full color adventure featuring fantastic Steampunk contraptions and madcap Goblins joining together to cause maximum mayhem for players everywhere. If funding goals are met, a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition compatible version will also be made.

GoblinPunk will throw a group of heroes into an fight against Watchtooth Ambergris, a cunning Goblin Warlord who has armed the local Goblin tribes with airships, steam powered jetpacks, and clockwork weapons. With the countryside in danger, its up to the players to stop the steampunk threat.

The module contains the work of Damon Null, Corey Roth, and James Wylder.

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Can your heroes confront the chaotic joint power of Goblins and Steam?

The local goblin tribes have been a nuisance for years, but everything has changed. For months now the goblins have been acting strange. The countryside is being terrorized: blimps float through the sky, Goblins ride steam powered contraptions close behind, with clockwork weapons in their hands. Thefts included copper, tin, brass, leather, and iron instead of just food and valuables. Entire small towns have fallen to large goblin raids. The Goblin warlord Watchtooth Ambergris is claiming the land, and heroes are needed to stop him!  Are you up to the task? Your heroes will confront Watchtooth Ambergris, a cunning Goblin General who has thrown the countryside into chaos, and demolishing all in his path with his steam powered war machines.


Steam Golem IndividualAn Adventure of Steampunk Shenanigans!

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for PCs of levels 1-10.

Everything you love about Steam punk comes together with the antics of Goblins.

  • A 30 page long adventure
  • Full color art
  • Three different levels of each NPCs for adventures of different levels
  • New steam powered weapons
  • Three types of Airships for use in your games

Coming Fall 2016.

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