Your history books have lied to you.
The conspiracy theorists have to.
There were no aliens at Roswell.
But they were in Big Ben in 1888.

This is the real history of the Victorian Age, the true secrets of the great war her majesty’s government waged in the shadows against the alien invaders who tried to take our world. The stories of heroes in corsets and frock coats, bonnets and tophats, who bravely fought alien abductions in the smog of London. The tales of Her Majesty’s Investigations Phantasmagorical who confronted ghosts, hunted the inhuman monster Jack the Ripper, and boarded UFO’s in the flickering light of Gaslamps.

Greys By Gaslight is a new game using the Proteus Engine. In this book, you have everything you need to tell stories of a Victorian England where alien invaders threaten Queen and County. From how to be an investigator in London, to the secrets of the silver saucers hidden in the skies, your adventure is waiting. Grey By Gaslight will be coming in 2016

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