watchtooth wanted posterAmbergris mulled over the design challenge Winkur had given him. It was the most difficult challenge so far, and he wanted to impress the gnome. The core of the steam powered golem was Winkur’s most recent obsession. His tinkering on the power system was taking up most of his time, and so he had Ambergris looking into the best designs for limbs to attach to it.

It felt good knowing that Winkur trusted him enough to help in designing his newest project. However, that pleasure was muted the pain of the bruises around his ribs. Gloveright kept insisting that he socialize with the younger gnomes. It rarely ended well. When they didn’t just ignore him, they were actively hostile. The few human youngsters around were the only ones that would treat him well.  

The adult gnomes did not approve of attacking him. Most of them did not approve of Glovewright “keeping a pet goblin.” Still, few of them wanted an angry Glovewright at thier door. Several of those that had been more active about thier disapproval found he had a surprising mean streak. One notable aggressor found thier house infested with slugs who’s slime trails caused horrible itching. Arguments about how he had gotten them to swarm the house was still a common pastime in some inns. Ambergris smiled remembering the hopping mad gnome unable to stop scratching herself. Glovewright would have made a fine goblin. At least he thought so. Ambergris only had his childhood memories to go off of.

Glovewright would have done something if he knew about the recent fight. Ambergris did not intend to tell him. Telling him about the fights simply made gnome children more likely to attack him again. The adults disapproval only made them craftier, not any less aggressive. Besides, he did not want Govewright looking into today’s brawl. His little toy had surprised those squeakers. Govewright was excited about all the uses of his steam power core. He had thought of all sorts of uses for it. But he was not the only one. The toy was just the first of Ambergris’s ideas. It was a simple tube of brass surrounding his upper and lower arm. The steam powered elbow give his punches more power. It also let him block blows with bad effects for the attacker. It used some of the same parts as the arm he was designing for the golem.

He glanced at the secret spot where he hid the designs Glovewright would definitely disapprove of. They were just ideas for now, but one day they would be the a reality. A reality that would be the end of the Wolf Claw clan. Ambergris had promises to keep after all. But that was in the future. He still had much to learn from Glovewright.

***To be continued

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