watchtooth wanted posterWinkur Glovewright stood, gazing with pleasure at the completed airship before him. The Flying Colossus was a grand ship. His speed and comfort were unequaled. Glovewright planned to wine and dine local nobles and merchants on a cruise around the area. He expected a healthy number of orders for ships like the Colossus in the future. “I think we have outdone ourselves this time Ambergris!”

The goblin smiled back while watching the golems load supplies for their first excursion in the ship. “Yes, he is everything I imagined, and more.”

Winkur glowed with pleasure. So many had thought him a fool for taking in Ambergris as child. Despite all the hardship of his life, the goblin has blossomed into a great craftsman. Winkur had encouraged him to tinker and craft new devices. But in the last two years, they had truly become partners. The Flying Colossus might actually be more of his creation then Winkur’s. The design for the inaugural steam powered airship he had planned to build had been far smaller. But Ambergris had wanted to go much bigger. His improvements to the design had given it far more range, cargo capacity, and even an on board workshop. The last was what had sold Winkur on the upsized design. Being able to continue to tinker and craft while traveling appealed greatly to him. Yes, the wim that had led to him taking in Ambergris had been fortuitous. “Well little watch tooth,shall we take him out to ride the winds?” Winkur stated.

“Yes, it’s time to see the result of all our work,” Ambergris replied, fiddling with the watch that had started the joke matching his name.




Winkur wandered the Colossus, checking for any damage or issues. He had handled well the last few hours. Now they were cruising slowly while Winkur check though the ship for anything rattled loose from thier maneuvers earlier, testing his limits. Ambergris was on the command deck, watching everything from there. So far Winkur had not found anything amiss. It looked like the Colossus was one solid ship.

Something finally caught his eye. A chest sat in the middle of the smaller cargo hold amidst the supply crates. It was definitely out of place. After examining the chest, Winkur realized what had happened. The steam golems had been commanded to load all the crates marked with and F into the hold. The chest was damaged on one corner. A label on the chest looked like it had been an W. A., but the A was damaged. The golems had seen it as an F and taken it aboard. Curious where the chest was from, Winkur opened it and looked inside.


“What is the meaning of this!”

Ambergris started and spun around at the shout from Glovewright. The gnome was waving one of his clockwork swords around in anger. “Where did you get that?”

“I found it in a chest in the hold full of other weapons! Why do you have a hoard of weapons! One I might have understood, but a chest full? When did you make all these? Why?!”

Ambergris sighed in resignation. This moment had been coming, but he hoped to put it off for another year at least. He how his chest of test weapons ended up onboard was a question for later. Ambergris adopted the kingly pose he had been practicing. “Why? Because I am going to need them.”

Winkur stared at him in shock. “For what?”

“I have a promise to keep Winkur. I made that promise to my mom in the mountain pass. There is a clan of goblins that must pay for the death of my parents. I will take back my father’s place as the leader of other goblins.”

“And what will you do then?” Winkur asked quietly.

“Then I will make a great goblin nation. My people are currently simple, superstitious and aggressive. I will teach them, empower them, and they will become more than they are now. I will continue what you started with me; your “experiment,” Ambergris said with snear. “Make goblins everywhere more than they are now.”

Winkur appear to calm down. “You want to enlighten them. Make them like you are now. Why not tell me, I would have helped.”

“No, not like me. Then I would have rivals. Only my most loyal will reach a level of knowledge close to mine. The rest will be more than they are now, but still underlings.”

“So you mean to be a despot then? Make your own people slaves.”

“Others will be  the slaves. Under me, the goblins will be conquers.”

Winkur stared at him in horror. “So, all this time I have been wrong about you. The others were right, I should have left you to die in that pass! How, after everything I have done for you, can you fall this far to evil.”

“Everything you did for me!” Ambergris pulled out his concealed personal steam pistol enraged. “Oh, you saved my life. You taught me great things. But you also doomed me to a life of isolation! Gnomes hate goblins! Every day I am surrounded by hate filled stares. I had no childhood friends. No young loves. Just you, and only when you were not lost in your latest project. But I survived, and remembered who I am. I will reclaim my birthright. I will rule the clans and more. “ Ambergris turned and fired on one of the other gnomes on the deck that had been trying to sneak behind him.

“No!” Winkur rushed the goblin awkwardly as he fired on the second gnome at the controls. He almost made it. The third blast from the pistol struck and toppled him to the deck.

Ambergris stared down at his old mentor. “A pity, I had intended to let you live. You did save my live afterall.”

Ambergris Watchtooth turned and moved to the controls. There was no looking back now. He had promises to keep, and a kingdom create.  

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-Damon Null

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