watchtooth wanted posterAmoz Brokenhorn hated guard duty. Long hours staring at nothing, not allowed to do anything fun. And if someone did come to raid the clan, you were first to be attacked. Some of the others slacked off, playing games and drinking. Amoz never like the risk though. The boss got mad if he caught guards slacking off. There were worse jobs he put the goof-offs to doing. Currently, the two others in his group were doing just that. They were bashing away at each other with sticks like they were swords. So it was no surprise that Amoz heard it first. During a break in theirthier game, he heard a strange hissing-whooshing sound. Searching the beach and field around the Mad Barkers place relieved nothing. Then he looked up. Amoz stared for nearly a full 30 seconds in shock at the huge airship slowing descending toward them.
“Hey you idiots, look!” The two looked at him in annoyance for a moment before looking at what Amoz was pointing at. Both their jaws dropped in surprise. “Nab, go get the boss! Kugoff sound the alarm!” Amoz smiled in pleasure as they ran to follow his orders. Normally they would have ignored him. The the smile faded as he looked back at the airship moving to land near by.
Watchtooth stood on the Flying Colossus and looked out on the trio of hills that Mad Barkers called home. It was a good location. There were good food source around. A low wood wall made it harder to attack. The Mad Barkers had patched many of the partly ruined building from some long forgotten town. So it had good selter too. It would be be a good start if he could convince them to follow. He had plans, but he needed fighters and laborers to achieve them. The steam golems he had would not be enough. Building an army of them by himself would be expensive and take to long. So he had finally done what his mom had wanted. He had found the Mad Barkers. Now he just had to make them follow him.
Boffmaw Horsebiter lead his lads towards the airship that had been foolish enough to land near the Mad Barkers territory. A number of them were frightened of the strange thing. Boffmaw was a little twitchy himself. The thing seemed to be leaking smoke. A little bit of that was normal smoke, but the rest was oddly white. It did not seem to be on file, but maybe that was why it landed here. Boffmaw hoped not. If it still worked, they might be able to force these fools to moved them about. That would open new raiding targets and hunting grounds. That made it worth the risk of storming the craft without knowing who was on it, or how many.
The ship was floating twice Boffmaw’s height off the ground, anchored by ropes that appeared to have been fired into the ground with big crossbows. As he began to plan how to get on the airship, a section of bottom began to moved down toward the ground. On that section, stood a goblin unlike any Boffmaw had seen before! He had fancy clothing like the wealthy humans would wear, a clear eye patch over the his left eye, and a big chunky looking sword on his left hip. On his right hip was what looked like a brass hand crossbow handle. Six large mental beasts (he had heard humans call them goalhelms or something) stood behind the strange goblin. “Who are you then?” Boffmaw demanded.
“Greetings, I am Watchtooth Ambergis. This is the Mad Barker clan, yes?”
The goblin sounded funny, kind of like the gnome that would yell insults at his lads from time to time. The name sounded familiar. “Wait, are you Silverchain’s kid? I though you both died when the Wolf Claws took over the Night Prowlers.” That family always was giving their kids names for valuable stuff. It had been Sliverchain’s ma that found the humans would buy that weird ambergris stuff.
Watchtooth stiffened a bit. “Yes, she was my mother. She did die, but not me.”
“A shame that. I always like that little devil girl. We did a lot of trading and raiding with the Night Prowlers back in the day. So what do you want of Boffmaw Horsebitter and the Mad Barkers.”
“Horsebitter, I have a great deal to offer you. An airship of your own. Weapons more powerful than what you have now.”
“And what do you want in return?” Boffmaw asked skeptically.
“Revenge. Help me crush the Wolf Claws and rebuild the Night Prowlers. And then…then we will raid together once more. With what I can build and teach, our two clans will become the powers around here. Even the humans will bow before us!”
“Boy,” Boffmaw said with a grin, “I don’t know if you are fibbing or not, but if you aren’t that sounds as good as an unguarded pig farm. Come on then, let’s have a look at these weapons and a bit of drink as well”
Watchtooth look around at the space Boffmaw had cleared out for him. I would do for a temporary workshop. The Colossus’s was better, but its workshop was too small for some of the projects he had planned. Boffmaw and been suitably impressed by the weapons Watchtooth had already created. He was drooling over the idea of flying raiding parties. He was more then happy getting the manpower and other requirements that Watchtooth needed. Watchtooth actually like the old goblin. It was too bad Boffmaw would likely not bow to him when the came. There was to much fire still in his spirt. That was a worry for the future though. Maybe Boffmaw would surprise him. He surveyed the room once more. Yes a good start, but only a start.

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